Sunday, March 26, 2023


No. 112
February 1952
Star Publications, Inc. (Star Comics)
Editor: L.B. Cole
Cover: L.B. Cole
Script: Jay Disbrow
Art: Jay Disbrow; Rudy Palais
Pages: 36
Cover price: 10 cents

This comic had a strange journey. The title began in 1940 as BLUE BOLT by Novelty Press, created by Joe Simon. Jack Kirby joined in with the illustrations in the second issue. The comic ran for 101 issues until it morphed into a horror title, presumably to compete with EC Comics.

This is the second issue with L.B. Cole as editor and Jay Disbrow doing most of the art and scripting on crazy story titles like "The Weird Ape Howls!". Rudy Palais contributes art in a couple of stories. Besides with his horror art, Palais also illustrated issues of CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED.

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  1. Those L.B. Cole covers are so bright and shiny and thriving with color. They are night irresistible to a comic book fan. I'm also a fan of Disbrow's strange way of presenting the human form, it's formulaic but still convincing. Rudy Palais is an artist I've begun to really appreciate more in recent years as I sort through more offbeat collections of old scary comic book stories.

  2. I think a lot of times, Cole's cover made the comic. Palais had a very unique style and I've come to appreciate it. Will have to showcase his art sometime.


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