Wednesday, February 24, 2021


If you're into monster action figures NECA Toys are the one to watch right now. Currently, they are introducing some pretty fine looking Universal monsters, led by Frankenstein's monster, The Mummy and now they've just announced the Wolf Man.

These are nicely done sculpts with the added bonus of how they actually looked in their respective films. To add "realism", they also have been colored in shades of black and white. Not only that, they're reasonably priced at around 30 bucks (although Amazon oddly has it priced against other online retailers at $55.00).

Shown here at WOM a week or so ago with one teaser image, here is the whole kitten caboodle of pics offered by NECA. I am also very impressed by the diorama and photography used for these shots.

Universal Monsters
7” Scale Action Figure – Ultimate Frankenstein’s Monster (B&W)

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the acclaimed silver-screen classic Frankenstein, NECA announces the triumphant debut of Universal Monsters in its Ultimate action figure line!

The sculpt captures Boris Karloff’s poignant portrayal of the misunderstood monster in authentic black-and-white just like the movie. Standing in 7” scale, the figure comes in premium anniversary packaging with plenty of accessories: 3 interchangeable heads, 6 interchangeable hands, shackles and daisies.

Release Date: Late June/Early July 2021
Item Number: 04805
UPC: 63448204805-4

Also announced is The Mummy. Here's a teaser image of Karloff as Imhotep. I am exited about this one.

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