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For those of you who thrilled to assembling the original Aurora CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON plastic model kit (or maybe the later re-issues), we were always befuddled on why the kits never looked like the art on the box. It wasn't only the color schemes, but the image of the monster that was lacking. Of course, we have James Bama to thank for those great images that drew us to the kits in the first place, but we've got Jeff Yaher to thank for creating new kits that look more like the box art.

Monogram re-issue kit. [Source: Fine Scale Modeler.]

Kit details from MONSTERS IN MOTION:

Creature From The Black Lagoon Aurora Box Art Tribute Model Kit #10 by Jeff Yagher

Remember when you were a kid looking at all the incredible box artwork of the AURORA classic monsters, how bad you wanted to purchase these kits, only to find that the actual kit did not resemble anything close to the artwork. Master sculptor Jeff Yeager decided it was time to give all you serious collectors your wish. This model is approx 1/7 scale in-between Billiken and Horizon scale models. The kit comes in 8 parts and the figure is 12" tall, 13.5" tall on base

This deluxe model kit pays homage to the vintage monster kits of yesteryear. It transforms the incredible artwork of James Bama in super size and super accurate form. This is the Tenth in a continuing series sculpted by Jeff Yagher.

NOTE TO PURCHASER: This is a Resin Model Kit and requires model building and painting skills. Many parts may require prep, sanding, fitting and some scratch building. Some models do not come with printed box or instructions and are intended for experienced modelers.

-Color Box Art of build up
-Retro Assembly Instructions
-Numbered Certificate of Authenticity (with seal)
-5” Creature Sticker

PRICE: $194.99

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