Saturday, May 19, 2018


When Mother Nature's creatures turned their vengeful eyes on humans -- which happened often in the men's adventure magazines -- the stories were always accompanied by an illustration of the attacks to fix the image in the mind of the curious reader. The tales were typically told in the first-person, "I was there" style, which added realism (you mean it wasn't?) to the proceedings. Of course, the most famous of these 50's animal attack stories was, "Weasels Ripped My Flesh", written by Mike Kames for the September 1956 issue of MAN'S LIFE. The memorable cover was by Wil Hulsey.

The original art shown here is by Victor "Vic" Prezio and is the type of illustration that shows just how nasty nature could get. It is titled by the auction house, "Attack of the Badgers", and no corresponding magazine is listed that it appeared in. In any event, it is an excellent example of the type of illustration that could be found behind the cover of any men's adventure magazine of the time.

Prezio did several covers for Warren's CREEPY magazine, and three original pieces are also shown here.

CREEPY #19. Vic Prezio art, illustrating "Mark of the Beast".

CREEPY #28. Vic Prezio art, illustrating "Valley of the Vampires".

CREEPY #29. Vic Prezio art, illustrating "The Summer House".

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