Sunday, May 13, 2018


When the gavel dropped, Frank Frazetta's painting for the cover of Image Comics' DEATH DEALER #6 became the most anyone has paid for a Frazetta original, ever.

Frank Frazetta Death Dealer 6 Painting Original Art (1990). Owning a Frazetta painting is a dream of many serious art collectors, not just the fans of the comics and fantasy art genres, although it's accurate to note that the latter were the first to appreciate Frazetta's genius. From his more humble beginnings, drawing illustrations for text stories in the middle of "funny animal" comic books in the 1940s, to more adult themes in comics, then to paintings used for paperback covers, and famously popular rock album covers, Frazetta was ultimately and deservedly recognized by the serious fine art community.

And make no mistake -- his is fine art! Twelve Frazetta paintings have realized more than $100,000 in our auctions -- one (At the Earth's Core) holding the record at $1,075,500. Of Heritage's twenty top-selling original art pieces in our Comics & Comic Art auction history, five are by Frazetta, far more than any other artist, with Todd McFarlane and Robert Crumb tied for second with two each.

If you could have just one of his paintings, chances are you would think of one featuring the Death Dealer. The original just might be the most renowned fantasy painting of all, but there are five other paintings featuring the axe-wielding barbarian with the burning eyes, and we're pleased to offer one of them in this auction. This is Death Dealer 6, and in true barbarian fashion, features him fighting a giant serpent. It was used, appropriately enough, as the cover for Death Dealer #6 published by Image Comics in 2008.

The large and impressive work was fashioned in oil on masonite, signed and dated in the lower right of the 18" x 30" image area, open-front framed to 23.5" x 35.5". There are some minor abrasions in the lower edge of the image area, and a bit of the masonite is showing through on the bottom right corner. The top left corner seems to be slightly rounded. Overall in Very Good condition.

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