Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Vol. 1
Publisher: Magazine Management, Inc./ Marvel Comics
Editor: Marv Wolfman
Cover: Earl Norem
Pages: 92
Cover price: $1.25

When it came to monsters, Marvel was never at a creative loss. With a revolving door of veterans and upstart infant terrribles, The House That Stan and Jack Built created a Marvel Monster Universe, the likes of which were otherwise seldom seen. Inspired by conventional gothic characters like Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, and the Werewolf By Night, others were less so, like the environmental bog-horror, Man-Thing. Also included in this Rogue's Gallery of Gruesomeness was a "living" zombie that went by the name of Simon Garth. Garth originally appeared in the pre-code MENACE #5 (Atlas/Marvel July 1953), and he was "resurrected" in the 1970's run of the comics magazine, TALES OF THE ZOMBIE.

Shown over the next few days is the lone annual that was published during the series. It includes the original Garth tale from MENACE, as well as the reboot story from the first issue of TALES OF THE ZOMBIE

"Altar of the Damned"
Script: Roy Thomas; Steve Gerber
Pencils: John Buscema (layouts); Tom Palmer
Inks: Tom Palmer

Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Bill Everett
Inks: Bill Everett

"Night of the Walking Dead"
Script: Steve Gerber
Pencils: John Buscema (layouts); Syd Shores
Inks: Syd Shores

"Twin Burial"
Script: Chuck Robinson
Pencils: Ralph Reese
Inks: Ralph Reese

"Warriors Burden"
Script: Tony Isabella
Pencils: Vicente Alcazar
Inks: Vicente Alcazar

"Jilimbi's World"
Script: Doug Moench
Pencils: Enrique Badia
Inks: Enrique Badia

"Death's Bleak Birth!"
Script: Doug Moench
Pencils: Frank Springer
Inks: Frank Springer

"A Second Chance to Die"
Script: Carl Wessler
Pencils: Alfredo Alcala
Inks: Alfredo Alcala

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