Friday, February 16, 2018


A January, 2018 post on Ronald Merchant's "Slobber, Drool, Drip!" TUMBLR blog shows a black and white photo (shown below) of a snarling vampire lady with the caption, "No clue". It is is not known if anyone has solved this mystery as of yet, but the absence of a correction indicates they have not.

The answer lies right here at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD. It is shown in a MMW post in 2012.

The mysterious vampire lady was shown on two covers of Fass' magazines, THRILLER and SHOCK TALES, as well as a few interior photos. It remains unknown who the sinister siren is, but, according to Mark Howlett's massive tome, "The Weird World of Eerie Publications", the photographer was a man named Don Snyder. Employees were commonly used in photo shoots for various Fass magazine titles, along with crude sets and improvised props. So, it is most likely that our vamp was a staffer! A real class act!

Here are a few shots of the vampire lady, including a photo-spread from OGLE, a humor magazine where the TUMBLR post pic originated. The werewolf mask looks like it might be from Don Post. What, no Topstones?

This could be a different model, since the "costume" has changed.

Just to show you what other kind of content comprised an issue of OGLE, here is a listing from eBay:

V1 N6, August 1960 (stated January on front cover only). Bimonthly and creepy, with two bug-eyes popping out of the title banner. Valuable dames on cheap paper stock, like early issues of "Frolic" and "Follies," with shticky celebrity collages and no centerfold. B/W throughout.Brilliant Terry Higgins crib front cover photo, with her short blonde crop and unmistakable glassy stare, eye-catching and dark. Plus 3pp as "Carroll Faker" with more crib. Models - Theresa Hassenpffer w/ Bill Teas (of "The Immoral Mr. Teas"), Jayne Mansfield (brunette), Sandy Lane, Simone Auger, Julie Newmar (fresh off "Lil' Abner" success, topless!), Melissa Fruit, Lil' Egypt (belly dancer), Ann Atmar outdoors, Sally Skidoo, Laya Raki, Diane Webber (vignette as "Marie Manners"). Authors - Harry Van. Busty Russ Meyer models, 8mm film ads.Very Good with light spine stress and overall rubbing, a few small chips.


Ronald Christopher Merchant said...

Ron Merchant from Slobber,Drool Drip here!
I was aware of the source of the photo ( I found a copy of OGLE in the Internet Archive) but wasn't sure what it may have been from originally. I know that some of Stanley Pub. mags used photos from Grade Z films like GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TO COUNT DRACULA? and ORGY OF THE DEAD as photo filler- and thought perhaps this may also have been the case! Thanks for clearing this up!

Robert Deis (aka "SubtropicBob") said...

Whoa! How did I miss OGLE until now? Very cool post, sir, as always!


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