Monday, February 5, 2018


Vol. 2 No. 3 (Whole #7)
Gothic Castle Publishing Company
Editor & Publisher: Calvin Thomas Beck (as Charles F. Kane)
Editor and Design: Bhob Stewart
European Editor: Mike Parry
Associate Editor: Nicholas Morgan
Cover: Photo from "Die Monster, Die!"
Pages: 68
Cover Price: 35 cents

The editorial masthead gets another makeover in this issue. Cal Beck still insists on using his Charles Foster Kane pseudonym. European editor Michael Parry contributes articles on the then new film starring Boris Karloff, DIE MONSTER, DIE!, and upcoming European horror films. There is also much ado made from the "$25,000 monster" used in the peplum pilot film, HERCULES AND THE PRINCESS OF TROY, also covered in the pages of FAMOUS MONSTERS. The 47-minute TV movie was to be the auspicious launch of a network series, but it never came to be. Helping to maintain CoF's status as a high brow horror film magazine as opposed to the rest of the US-produced beetle-brow monster 'zines is Robert C. Roman's report on the horror film festival at the Museum of Modern Art. This issue also contains the fourth and final installment of the "Son of Chaney" bio. And the Richard Burton monster that is announced on the front cover? It's a photo of Burton of Shakespeare's character Caliban found on the inside back cover.

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