Friday, July 1, 2016


While Aurora stood alone at the top of the heap of plastic that was the monster model industry during the 1960s, there was still competition -- very weak competition. Lindberg and Hawk models (both acquired by Round 2 in 2013, and who also owns the AMT, MPC and Polar Lights lines) had entries into the monster model market. Aurora had the advantage by owning the licensing rights for the Universal monsters, who were enjoying a huge resurgence thanks to the Shock Theater TV package of monster movies released just a few years earlier.

Lindberg's line of monster models consisted of a quartet of bizarre characters that, if placed inside a kooky hot rod, would have fit in easily with Hawk's Weird-ohs character model kits. With names like "The Mad Mangler" and "The Green Ghoul", these kits came in only two pieces accompanied by various accouterments such as tufts of hair.

The Lindberg kits are considered very rare today. Kits were so scarce that, at one time, an intrepid garage model maker copied and sold two resin versions.

Found for sale on eBay is this kit available from a Polish seller. The asking price is $2.605.00.

Sold at a past Hake's Auction was a pair of the Lindberg monster models. The kits were purchased for $126.50.

Here is the description of the auction Lot #2477:
Original cardboard boxes w/wonderfully illustrated lids each contain 6.5" tall (to top of bushy purple hair) two-piece assembled plastic models. From a set of four, offered here are kit No. 274:50 "Green Ghoul" and kit No. 275:50 "Mad Mangler." The series also included kits named "Krimson Terror" and "Creeping Crusher." 1965. Boxes show lt. corner tip wear but remain bright and glossy and come complete w/original instruction sheets, which have slightly aged. VF. While models have been assembled, they remain unpainted. "Green Ghoul" has some scattered blue marks, but o/w models are VF-Exc. See Lindberg Monster-related original box art #1901-1903.



Dick said...

As a kid after working my way through all the Aurora, Hawk and Ed Roth stuff I bought these and even as a young kid I remember being highly disappointed in them with just the two halves to glue together. The thing with two mouths was a bit disturbing to me though and I've never forgotten that box art.

Dr. Theda said...

Cool post !! We had not heard of these before. Thank you for posting this info.


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