Friday, July 15, 2016


Yet another artifact from the early days of horror films headed for auction is this example of a Movie Herald, used to promote the opening of a film at a certain theater. The fact this this one is for Chaney's lost LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT makes it even more special.

Description of auction Lot:
London After Midnight (MGM, 1927). Herald (6" X 9"). There are many "lost" films from the 1920s; historians can console themselves with the thought that many of these were probably crudely made and often uninteresting. Such is not the case with this 1927 Lon Chaney film. With nothing left but a few odd photos and even fewer poster examples, we can only yearn for a glimpse of "the man of a thousand faces" performing in full "vampire" make-up. Original material for this title is almost as elusive as the film itself, making this high grade herald a welcome appearance. The cover has Chaney as Detective Burke (in his own face), while inside, the central image is of Chaney in full vampire mode carrying off pretty Marceline Day. The herald has a horizontal fold, surface wear, edge wear, and a tear on the right side of the cover. Folded, Fine/Very Fine. Estimate: $500 - $1,000.      

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Dr. Theda said...

Awesome... as soon as we saw the words "London After Midnight"... We Had to drop by, good Sir...!!!
A great weekend to you and yours...


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