Saturday, March 19, 2016


First off, after surviving a few minor strokes last year, the legendary Bernie Wrightson is currently being treated for brain cancer. While the prognosis is "good", we should nevertheless all take a moment and send some healing light (and if you are so inclined, a prayer) in his direction.

Today's post is a selection from a recent auction that featured this 1969 work by Wrightson. What makes this unique from his other work is that it is done in oil, a medium that he hasn't often worked in (his preferred methods being watercolor, and, of course, his stunning pen and ink work).

The subject is the mythological Yeti, the image which would be recycled for the cover of Major Magazine's WEB OF HORROR #3 (June 1970).

Here is the description from the auction lot:

"Bernie Wrightson "Curse of the Yeti" Oil Painting Original Art (1969). The master of the macabre painted this incredible piece in 1969, then painted a second version of it in 1970 that was used as the cover for Web of Horror #3 for the Otto Binder story "Curse of the Yeti", from which this painting retroactively gets its title. This specific piece was used as-is on the cover of the 1975 Bernie Wrightson Treasury produced by Omnibus Publishing. Wrightson oil paintings are quite rare as it is a media he did not use as much as watercolor or pen-and-ink. The painting is oil over graphite on canvas board and has been very handsomely matted and open-front framed to 23.5" x 19.5". It is signed and dated 1969 in the 17.5" x 13.5" image area. An incredible piece by a world-renowned talent and in Excellent condition." 

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