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Major Magazines
Vol. 1 No. 3
April 1970
Publisher: Robert C. Sproul
Editor: Terry Bisson
Cover artist: Berni Wrightson
Artists: Frank Brunner, Bruce Jones, Mike Kaluta, Ralph Reese, Syd Shores, Berni Wrightson
Writers: Otto Binder, Frank Brunner, Mike Freidrich, Bruce Jones, Syd Shores
Major Publications, aka Major Magazines, is best known as the publisher of the CRACKED family of magazines, noted as “the most durable imitator of MAD magazine.” Indeed, it ran 365 regular issues (under a number of publishers) from 1958 to 2007, including numerous “King”, “Super” and “Giant” specials.
During the heyday of the 60s Monster Craze, Major introduced FOR MONSTERS ONLY, a satire of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND, the leading monster magazine sold on the stands during this period.
In 1969, Major tried its hand at a magazine influenced by Warren’s line of monster comics ‘zines, CREEPY, EERIE and VAMPIRELLA. Edited by Terry Bisson, WEB OF HORROR, subtitled “America’s Nightmare Magazine” lasted three issues, from 1969 to 1970. A giant spider with the name, “Webster” introduced the stories in the same fashion as Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie, all riffs on the EC Comics trio of horror hosts from a decade before, known collectively as the “Ghoul Lunatics”.
The issue shown here was the third and final issue. Not quite as polished looking as Warren’s ‘zines, WEB OF HORROR nevertheless provided readers with an extra dose of horror comics from a quality staff of artists and writers. A nice addition was the inclusion of a “poster” back cover – this one an oil painting of a Yeti by “Berni” Wrightson -- which showed the cover illustration without the distracting titles and text.
NOTE: Fans may know that Berni Wrightson suffered several small strokes last year that put him in the hospital. While he recovered, further treatment has discovered a cancerous tumor in his brain. Mr. Wrightson will be going through radiation and chemo, and, according to his wife, the prognosis is “good”. Let’s all send Berni some light and good thoughts for a successful treatment and recovery.


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