Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Making the rounds on TUMBLR of late is a photo depicting ace makeup artist Charlie Gemora putting the finishing touches on a hideous fish-like monster that could easily be a relative of an Innsmouth Deep One spawned from Lovecraft's Devil Reef.

I had no recollection of where this creature appeared so I had no choice but to contact Jason Barnett, the world's authority (besides Gemora's daughter, Diana, of course) on All Things Great and Gemora.

Turns out that the fish is actually a witch! Mr. Barnett, currently near-ready to unleash his documentary, CHARLIE GEMORA: UNCREDITED to the world on DVD, had this to say about the matter:

"That is Gemora working on a witch character from Jack the Giant Killer. The dancer/actress is named Karen Dolin and it was her first role! I had the unknown model photos in Gemora's archive for years before I found the key.  The key being that one newspaper article that showed Karen and the witch costume. You can see the witch in the background in a few shots [in the movie], but it wasn't featured that much.  Luckily, we have that great photo to prove who unusual it was."

Thanks to Jason for the newspaper clipping and the studio shots of the lovely Karen Dolin! Be sure to keep watching the skies for CHARLIE GEMORA: UNCREDITED!

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