Thursday, January 21, 2016


Vol. 1 No. 3
August 1975
Mayfair Publications
Editor: Tony Tallarico (?)

This, the third issue of Mayfair's MONSTER FANTASY, is misnumbered as "Number 4" on the contents page. There was a fourth and final issue, but this issue preceded it. Again without any editorial credits, #3 is a special space monsters issue.

And jam-packed it is, with numerous articles on space creatures from THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, FIVE MILLION YEARS TO EARTH, THIS ISLAND EARTH, THE OUTER LIMITS and STAR TREK. Also squeezed into its 100 pages are features on Laird Cregar, Lionel Atwill, Alfred Hitchcock, Chaney's THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, and, last but not least, BARBARELLA.

MONSTER FANTASY is by no means FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND, or CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN, for that matter. But, while comparisons are inevitable, they are not exactly fair to this unique magazine. There are no comic banter, no "kids club" camaraderie, and no humorous photo captions to detract from its serious-sided approach to monster movies.

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