Tuesday, October 20, 2015


There is something decidedly salacious with the impulse to dress up a naked girl in a monster mask. A pastime that is better left behind closed doors, all too often the need to share this fetish with the world at large is overwhelming and the photographer submits to the desire. Whether used to stimulate prurient arousal, unconsciously satirize the relationship between sex and death, or simply to illicit a good belly laugh, this juxtaposition is as transfixing as driving by a traffic accident.

A case can be made for any of the above in today's TOPSTONE TUESDAY entry. An alternate title could arguably be "Topless Tuesday", based on the subject matter. After all, the Internet is just full of weirdness such as this, and in MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD's never ceasing quest to bring its readers a broad (no pun intended) spectrum of interesting and curious content, one is bound to come across an occasional outre example from some Imp of the Perverse or other.

To see an unimpeded view of this photo, go here.

[IMAGE SOURCE: Retrogirly]

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