Saturday, October 31, 2015


All us kids pose for a Halloween, 1959 photo. My sister is the pirate on the left.

IT WAS THE FALL OF 1959 and I was four years old. It was also Halloween. In a few more days, it would be my fifth birthday and my Mom decided to throw a combination Halloween/Birthday party, which suited me just fine.

Matter of fact, I liked celebrating Halloween more than my birthday! There was just something about the chill autumn air and the anticipation of spooks and goblins in the shadows of the leafless trees that created almost an elemental atmosphere. Birthday presents were okay, but dressing up in a costume and mask for Halloween was more exciting than a barrel of eyeballs!

I had yet to discover the wonders of monster movies and magazines, but in the meantime I would don my "flame retardant" skeleton costume (probably from Ben Cooper) and prepare to indulge in the annual candy-fest. I loved that skeleton costume and wore it for as many years as I could fit into it!

I loved my skeleton costume!

Mom's Halloween party was a spooky hit. A bunch of kids from the neighborhood swarmed into our garage for a tour of the "Witch's Castle", but not before we posed for a group photo (see above). First, we were blindfolded. Then we were subjected to all sorts of creepy things that we had to touch, smell or feel. One I remember vividly was putting my hands into a bowl of "Witch's Brains" (overcooked and slimy macaroni!). The last part was getting a good-bye kiss from the Witch herself (a peck on the cheek with an ice cube!). After that, we took off our blindfolds and proceeded to gorge ourselves on goodies. Thanks to Mom for this wonderful Halloween memory!

The Halloween party table in our garage. Notice the witch party favors.

A closer shot of the table setting. Mom sure had a knack!

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Dr. Theda said...

Wishing you a Great Halloween Weekend from the "Crypt", good Mr. Gracy...


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