Monday, June 8, 2015


Due to be released at the end of this month is a 6-DVD set of Lon Chaney films from the esteemed Warner Bros. Archive Collection.

Represented here are some of his most remembered films, especially those that horror fans have seen countless images from over the years in monster movie magazines.

Included are both the silent and talkie versions of THE UNHOLY THREE, In THE MONSTER, Chaney plays Dr. Ziska, who sets up roadway accidents, whose victims furnish him with what he needs for his nefarious experiments. This theme foreshadows a similar and oft-used plot device in a number of later films, from EYES WITHOUT A FACE to MOTEL HELL

Format: NTSC
Region: All Regions
Number of discs: 6
Run Time: 475 minutes

HE WHO GETS SLAPPED (1924) Lon Chaney alongside Norma Shearer and John Gilbert.

MOCKERY (1927) In a striking performance, Chaney proves his talents were not confined to prosthetics and makeup.

THE MONSTER (1925) Lon Chaney plays the monstrous Ziska, who gathers candidates for his eerie experiments by causing roadway accidents.

MR. WU (1927) Lon Chaney essays dual characters as the sage Grandfather Wu and his grandson, the mandarin Mr. Wu.

THE UNHOLY THREE (1925) Chaney plays a ventriloquist who teams with a strongman and a dwarf to embark on a life of crime.

THE UNHOLY 3 (1930) In his last film – and only Talkie – Chaney re-creates his famed Silent role, the scheming ventriloquist Professor Echo.

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