Thursday, June 25, 2015


It's always a sign that a new magazine is doing well when they start to offer subscriptions. THE CREEPS, the new horror comics magazine is a case in point.

THE CREEPS appears to have every intention of cloning the Warren original, right down to facsimile contents and letters pages, a host that's a dead-ringer for Uncle Creepy, and publisher Rich Sala's company name, "Warrant Publishing". Dark Horse Comics missed the boat, in my opinion, when they decided to publish the "millennium" version of CREEPY in comic book format. Now headed for its 21st issue, it continues in the tradition of the original, albeit in the smaller format. Dark Horse also has been regularly publishing THE CREEPY ARCHIVES, as well as a comic book-sized version EERIE, and THE EERIE ARCHIVES.

THE CREEPS is hitching itself on the stars of Warren's past. So far, they've sported covers by Warren alumni Ken Kelly, Sanjulian, and Frank Frazetta. The latest alumnus to hop on board is Don Glut. With a bit more polish in art and story, THE CREEPS could be around for a while.

Go HERE for more information.

You can buy the first two issues of THE CREEPS right HERE at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD, including a combo-pack that offers a deep discount on the first issue, which now sells for $19.99 from the publisher.

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