Monday, October 20, 2014


Another eBay auction is offering 2 extremely rare issues from the early days of monster fan magazines. Most of these types of 'zines had very low "print runs" and sparse distribution. Miraculously, some of them managed to survive the ravages of time.

Terror was a magazine edited by Larry Byrd. The copy for sale is #5, the last issue, published in 1962 (according to Price and Ballentine's Monster Magazine & Fanzine Collector's Guide #2). It includes an article by Ron (Fantastic Monsters of the Films) Haydock and artwork by Paul Blaisdell. According to the seller, Byrd wrote copy for Famous Monster's "Graveyard Examiner" and Fantastic Monsters of the Films' "Tombstone Times". I can't substantiate his writing for FM using David Horne's Gathering Horror as a resource, but he is listed in FMOF's "Credits & Acknowledgements" on the contents page.

Gruesome Creatures was another early monster fanzine edited by Eugene Aiello. The issue for sale is #1, also from 1962.

Collectors interested in obtaining early and rare monster fanzines would be wise to look these two auctions up on eBay before bidding closes.

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Yellow Phantom said...

Wow! What amazing pieces of history.


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