Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Currently up for bid at auction is Warren's scarce one-shot, HOUSE OF HORROR #1. This particular copy is slabbed and graded at a phenomenal 9.6, and was a part of comics legends Don and Maggie Thompson's collection.

At the time of this writing the bid was at $215 with a month to go. Here is Heritage Auction's description of the lot:

"House of Horror #1 Don/Maggie Thompson Collection pedigree (Warren, 1978) CGC NM+ 9.6 White pages. This is an ashcan for all intents and purposes, and it's one of the rarest Warren items. This mag was printed in a limited run of 400 copies, and produced strictly to secure copyright for the title. The impetus was that publisher Jim Warren found out that British publisher Top Sellers was about to release a mag called Hammer's House of Horror in the USA, so he quickly rushed out this ashcan to beat them to the punch. The cover image (by an unknown artist) was later re-used for Famous Monsters #180. This is the highest-graded copy certified by CGC to date. It's not listed in Overstreet, but note that Heritage previously auctioned a NM- 9.2 copy for $1,314 in late 2011. CGC census 1/14: 1 in 9.6, none higher. From the Don and Maggie Thompson Collection."

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