Friday, March 8, 2013


I don't ask much of readers of this blog -- visit regularly, leave comments, and consider joining the Cult of Monsters is about it. Well, you may know it's voting time again, in what turns out to be the eleventh year of the much-respected RONDO AWARDS. And . . . guess what? MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD has once more been nominated for Blog of the Year, and I am asking YOU to cast your vote for my blog.

I put a lot of time into this thing, for the love you might say, and you have rewarded me twice before with enough votes to make "Honorable Mention". Now, I'm hoping this time that MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD can move up to the next level.

All I'm asking is that you click on the link under the MMW title at the top of this page and vote for MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD under the "Best Blog" section. There's lots of other cool categories to vote for, too. However, you are not obligated to vote in every category. Sometimes I don't myself, simply because I'm not familiar enough with the candidates or subjects.

So, before you sign off here, I ask you once again to visit the RONDO AWARDS website and cast your vote for MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD. If you've ever felt -- even for just a minute or two -- like a Monster Kid from the "Old Days" again, or if you've just started getting interested in monster 'zines by reading a review or interview here, then I've done my job. You can let me know that by voting.

Thanks, Monster Lovers!

1 comment:

SanzarQ said...

I Voted for the Rondo awards the first day the Ballot was available. You'll be overjoyed to know that I did, indeed, vote for your site as the Best Blog for 2012.

Don't thank me - you earned it! Good Luck!


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