Sunday, March 17, 2013


The creative team at FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine have cooked up yet another 'zine that will be independent from their flagship title. MONSTER ATTACK TEAM was a very popular fanzine (G-FAN holds that place now and rightly so) and FM has arranged to partner up with the former publisher and launch an all-new magazine that will specialize in kaiju and japanese pop culture. Here's the skinny direct from the FM website:

"Beasts from the east invade FM. Every year you Monster Kids eat up our Japanese monster issue. Because of that success, we’ve decided to launch our newest semi-annual (that’s twice per year) Japanese Monster and Sci-Fi magazine: MONSTER ATTACK TEAM.  What was once the foremost Kaiju fanzine now joins forces with FM to GO BIG! Issue one features a chat with Haruo Nakajima, the original Godzilla, previews of the new KYORYUGER and SPACE SHERIFF GAVAN projects, a review of the new ULTRAMAN film, a look at the classic Japanese heavy metal scene, and so much more. With cover by our Kaiju Koverboy Bob Eggleton and interior Godzilla v. Mechagodzilla cutout by Matt Frank. 128 full-color, glorious pages."

I like kaiju and Japanese pop-culture and MONSTER ATTACK TEAM sounds like a fun 'zine, but after the lukewarm success of FM's previous spin-off attempts like FM UNDERGROUND, and it's hefty cover price that alone could kill it, I remain guardedly optimistic. 

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