Thursday, February 21, 2013


Producer, playwright, actor Jason Miller was featured "On the Scene" in PLAYBOY's June 1973 issue. More of a plug for his Hefner-backed film production of his award-winning play, THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON (not actually released until almost ten years later when it was bankrolled by Golan-Globus Productions), his performance in the "upcoming" film, THE EXORCIST, is only briefly mentioned.

Infinitely more interesting is the piece on a certain, 26-year old up-and-coming rock star by the name of David Bowie (photo by Mick Rock). Despite his being married to Angela and with a son, Zowie, the brash young Brit nevertheless provocatively describes his sexuality as "admittedly changeable". Once a professional mime, he counts among his idols the usual underground-favorite personalities, Edith Piaf and Judy Garland (hey, what about Barbara Streisand?).  Bowie also doesn't miss the chance at his bid for every narcissistic rock star's melodramatic fantasy of martyrdom on stage: "One day a big artist is going to get killed onstage, and I keep thinking it's bound to be me."

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