Sunday, February 24, 2013


One thing I always look forward to from each new HORRORHOUND is their long-running tradition of featuring a retrospective on a particular film or series of films as a focal point of the issue. This time around its the southern-fried franchise of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. Packed into its 10-plus pages, the series of films -- originated by director Tobe Hooper -- is sliced open and analyzed. Of particular interest are the numerous behind the scenes anecdotes, especially the discussion of the brutal conditions faced with camera and crew during the filming of the first of the series. Accompanying the article are the usual plentiful scene stills, posters, toys, and other merchandise associated with Leatherface and his pals.

The only criticism I have with this series, and as a rule, the magazine in particular, is the use of tiny typefaces and postage stamp-sized pictures. I know of the cost it takes to put out a full-color magazine, but increasing the size of both would, in my opinion, elevate these pieces to a more archival standing.

Another beefy feature is The A-Z of Exploitation! which alphabetically goes down the list of films that were significant in some way to this popular genre. Also worthy of mention is another long-running series, Video Invasion, which, in each installment, covers a particular videotape producer or distributor from the glory days of VHS.

HORRORHOUND is not far from its half-centennial issue and, as long as they keep doing what they're good at -- that is, focusing on 70s - 80s horror -- I don't see why they can't make it down the long stretch. Two paws up for HORRORHOUND!

HORRORHOUND #39 Table of Contents.


SanzarQ said...

HORRORHOUND is one of my favorite nationally distributed genre mags, trailing only VIDEO WATCHDOG. Every issue gets read, cover to cover, something you can't say for many others.

The Gill-Man said...

Totally agree with your assessment of the magazine. I love the retrospectives, but find myself wanting to get a better look at the posters, promotional materials and toys they feature.


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