Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Monster mask maker and enthusiast Pete Infelise has been busy in his DEVIL'S WORKSHOP, creating the latest in his line of custom and classic re-issue masks.

This time he's producing a recreation of "Brute" from the famous TOPSTONE line of Halloween masks. What makes this extra special is that it is being cast and pulled from the same urethane mold as the originals!

I think you'd agree that "Brute" is right up there with "Spasm", "Kazimodo", and "Battered Pug" for ugliest (and coolest) of the TOPSTONES. Below are a couple of shots of "Brute" from Pete's fantastic monster mask shrine, the BLOOD-CURDLING BLOG OF MONSTER MASKS. Ordering information can be found there as well.

Excellent work, Pete!

An original TOPSTONE urethane mold for the "Brute" mask. [Source: poseablemonster FLIKR photostream]

A collection of TOPSTONE urethane molds. [Source: poseablemonsters FLIKR photstream]

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Yellow Phantom said...

Thanks for spreading the word John! This past December I was fortunate enough to obtain Poseable Monster's Brute and Vamp urethane masters. In addition, I also secured the masters for the Topstone Monster Hands, Witch and Caveman. I'll eventually be putting each into a small production run.


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