Saturday, December 29, 2012


It took almost 20 years and over 140 issues, but FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND finally published a filmbook of one of the most notable Universal horror films ever, THE MUMMY.

Printed in two parts in issue #'s 143 and 144 (May-June 1978) they more than made up for it with a massive, nearly 30-page extravaganza! There is no credit given for authorship of this article, but, in light of the pun at the end of Part Two, it may very well have been Forrest J Ackerman himself who penned the filmbook.

Included is a postscript article entitled, "A Close Encounter With King Tut", by "Dr. Walter J. Daugherty, F.R.A.S.", the same "Walt Daugherty" credited as Special Photographer in countless issues of FM.


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Doug B. said...

"Charter member of the Clayboy Club" has GOT to be a Forry-ism!


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