Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Now that I've got my breath back and my heart is beating regularly again, I can report this information to MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD readers.

Offered on eBay is a set of 24 wax packs from the famous 1961 Spook Stories monster trading cards sold by Leaf Brands. Each card pack is slabbed with a Global Authentication Inc. (GAI) enclosure, and the set includes the display box.

Now, here's the kicker, Monster Kids. The seller claims that this is "the only one on the planet known to exist". True or not, can there be any justification for the $24-thousand-dollar asking price?!!

It would be cool to see an example of this set including the box. Unfortunately, the only image on the auction page is a single, GAI-slabbed pack (?).

But, wait -- that's not all! The price you pay is 50% off of the original sale price of $48,000!! Plus, shipping is free!

It just goes to show you how great an investment in monsters can be -- especially if this eBay seller cleans up by selling this bankruptcy-inducing package to a rabid -- or gullible -- buyer.

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