Wednesday, May 9, 2012


In a page ripped right out of the book When Art Imitates Life, or I suppose more properly, When Monster TV Imitates Real-Life, imagine my surprise when I discovered the premier issue of ZOMBIE NATION magazine. What was a bit incongruous, if not slightly outrageous, is the fact that I noticed it on the same newsstand section with the guns and hunting magazines!

No kidding. There I was, at the Alderwood Barnes & Noble brick 'n mortar establishment searching out the latest in monster 'zines, when I came upon the 'zine pictured above.

I have to say I was taken a bit off guard when I started thumbing through it only to find that it views the coming zombie apocalypse as if it were real (c'mon, you know what I'm talking about, guys). An imprint of SHOOTING TIMES magazine, the only thing "giving it away" is the articles on THE WALKING DEAD. Otherwise, you'll learn just the right type of ammo to use for taking out zombies and with the best firearms, too.

Lock and load, and remember -- head shot!

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