Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Pardon my fan-boy glee, but when I was invited by Jim Clatterbaugh, Editor and Publisher of MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT, to contribute to his Vincent Price memorial in MFTV #30, I was -- to put it mildly -- thrilled. Thrilled, hell. I was stoked!

To be alongside some of the great modern horror writers such as Tom Weaver and Greg Mank, as well as among some of the greatest living horror filmmakers such as Roger Corman and John Landis is -- well, somewhat indescribable.

Just a couple of years ago or so, I had the great fortune of having my comment published in the Remembering Forry tribute article in the latest re-launch of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND (#251) -- and now this.

I don't think I have to tell you to get out and purchase a copy of the latest MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT. Yes, I've got a tidbit in there, but the rest of the issue is about as good as a monster magazine can get, folks. This guy Clatterbaugh knows classic horror.

Thanks, Jim!

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Doug said...

As we might have said in our high school days, "FAR OUT!!"


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