Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The latest Burton/Depp collaboration, DARK SHADOWS, has thus far garnered tepid reviews on average, not I'm sure because of the pair's obvious filmmaking talents, but because of the treatment of what many consider to be sacred material.

I have not yet seen the film, but from what I've heard, Depp's acting is a synthesis of a number of his previous roles and the film can't decide if it should be dramatic or humorous. One reviewer said that Michelle Pfeiffer's Elizabeth Collins Stoddard is wasted in the film, but Eva Green as Angelique nearly steals the show. Of her role as the witch who cursed Barnabas Collins into becoming a vampire, she says, "It was fun to play."

There's no doubt that the most striking Paris-born French actress and former Bond Girl (the CASINO ROYAL remake) can command attention in any scene by her looks alone. I'll be looking forward to seeing if the critic was correct in his assertion about her acting, but I have a hunch that he's right. In the meantime, consider the lovely Miss Green to be hereby officially included on the MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD current canon of horror hotties.

Following is a photo spread and interview of Eva Green from the June issue of the UK version of INSTYLE magazine.


Doug said...

A very worthy addition to the canon of horror hotties!

Doug B. said...

These photos do not do her justice! She looks absolutely fantastic in the DARK SHADOWS movie!


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