Saturday, June 11, 2011


Born is Sussex on August 15, 1945, Valerie Jill Haworth was only 15 when Director Otto Preminger cast her in his film, EXODUS. While on the set, one of her co-stars, a very much older Sal Mineo, reportedly fell for her and the inevitable scandal in the press followed. She lived with Mineo for 2 years. That Mineo was gay further muddled the situation.

Miss Haworth's most noteworthy role was as Sally Bowles in the orignal Broadway version of CABARET (1966). In the following years, she played mostly genre roles in movies and TV with appearances in the original OUTER LIMITS ("The Sixth Finger" episode), IT! (1967) with Roddy McDowall, HORROR HOUSE, a.k.a. THE HAUNTED HOUSE OF HORROR (1969) with Frankie Avalon, TOWER OF EVIL, a.k.a. THE HORROR OF SNAPE ISLAND (1972),  and THE MUTATIONS (1974).

A natural beauty who was part scream queen, part elf, part angel, but always maintaining an air of English charm and sophistication, Jill Haworth can easily be considered among the leading 60's and 70's "Horror Hotties".

Jill Haworth died this year on January 3, in New York City, of natural causes. She never married.

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