Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Thanks to YOU, dear reader, today MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD surpassed the 100-Followers mark! Golly, I'm really thankful that you all are taking time out to check here regularly as an official blog "Follower".

That doesn't meant that only a hundred or so people are reading it, though. Google stats show that MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD is fast approaching 100,000 page views -- and that's barely past my first year of posts.

So, thanks again, guys 'n ghouls. Now, you don't have to be a Follower to read MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD, but it sure helps to let me know that there's enough people interested in what I have to say and what I have to share to be notified when there's something new posted. It's a great feeling and what I can promise you from here on out is more of the same.

I guess I'd better be getting back to writing up some new material. Now, where was that stack of monster mags . . .

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