Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Marie Severin (younger sister of John Severin) was often called up from the Marvel Bullpen to apply her many talents. Here are two examples of cover roughs that she did for CHAMBER OF DARKNESS #4 (1970) and TOWER OF SHADOWS #6 (shown with the final cover).

Marie Severin Chamber of Darkness #4 Preliminary Cover Rough Original Art (Marvel, 1970). Marie Severin was indispensable to the Marvel Bullpen in the 1960s and 1970s in a number of behind-the-scenes roles, including producing rough cover layouts to help speed the production process. This was a proposed cover for issue #4 of Chamber of Darkness, and it would have been a prophetic cover, because the story it illustrates is the Barry Smith try-out Conan the Barbarian style story! Another piece of Bronze Age Marvel history that shines a light on what has long been considered a backdoor key to the beginning of the Modern Age of comics. Produced in ink and wash on yellow-green paper with an image area of 7" x 10". In Excellent condition.

Marie Severin Tower of Shadows #6 Preliminary Cover Artwork Original Art (Marvel, 1970). Severin's first take on this cover is a tense stand-off on this bold cover with heavy use of black and shadows. A more immediate threat was required for the final cover design, featuring the rats coming in the hole. There's something nice about this restrained piece with its stressful impending doom. Created in marker and ink wash over graphite on paper with an image area of approximately 6.75" x 8". Light toning, with one marginal corner missing. Subtle rippling on the bottom edge, possibly from the wash itself. Overall in Very Good condition.

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