Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Aurora Plastics' Monster Scenes series of model kits were, without equal, the most controversial kid's hobby items ever. Their themes of grisly torture devices, hapless victims and gruesome accessories combined for the intended overall effect ... but landed them in the boiling vat of oil with parents decency groups.

Shown here is a store display that was provided to hobby shops to entice youngsters to purchase the entire collection of kits. With names like "gruesome goodies", "pain parlor", and "hanging cage", what Monster Kid could resist?

Monster Scenes Store Display (Aurora, 1971). Just when you think you've seen it all... Well, you haven't, until now. Every kid remembers seeing the ad for Aurora Monster Scenes model kits in comics and wondering how many lawns we'd have to mow to get the kits. They must have been the one series of models that every kid wanted. Well when you get a gander at this those same feelings of desire are going to come creeping back in. This is the actual store display that toy and hobby shops set up on the counter to entice us into parting with our hard-earned money. The figures on this display are factory painted. This set features Dr. Deadly and the Victim, the Pain Parlor, the Hanging Cage and more. There are two pieces noticeably absent; Frankenstein and Vampirella. The potion table is loose from the board as is the good doctor himself. That could easily be remedied with a spot of glue if you chose to do so. If you don't think this is one of the outright coolest items you have ever seen then you might just be missing a pulse!

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