Tuesday, September 20, 2016


In his editorial for MONSTERS AND HEROES #3, Editor and Publisher Larry Ivie writes of his overwhelming amount of fan mail, more for his own magazine than other magazines that he had worked for (which would have included CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN). One he mentions, waxed so verbose that the letter went on for ten typewritten pages!

This was the first issue of MONSTERS AND HEROES that I saw and bought on the newsstand. I found that it was difficult locating a copy to buy that was in decent condition. I don't know if it was mishandling by the distributors, the newsagent or if it was just manhandled on the magazine racks, but every issue that I purchased was in less than "newsstand mint" as I recall.

Issue #3 featured a king-sized article on the making of KING KONG. This is of course what drew me to the magazine, as it contained many photos from the film, some that had not even seen in FAMOUS MONSTERS' previous issues. Ivie proclaimed in his editorial that his magazine was a pictorial, and indeed it was, as the Kong article was basically pictures with captions.

Ivie gave a lot of ink to his comic creation, Altron Boy with two strips; one was a "bedtime tale" of the legend Asgard, home of the Norse gods, and the other was a continuation of his ongoing Altron Boy adventure strip.

Also notable in this issue was a profile of up and coming comic artist, Berni Wrightson. It is accompanied by a photograph of the young Wrightson and two pen and ink examples from his sketchbook.

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