Thursday, May 12, 2016


Vol. 1 No. 2
October 1965
Acme New Co., Inc.
Editor: "Frank N. Stein"
Picture Research: Robin Bean
Pages: 68

The second issue of the 4-issue run of SHRIEK! promised more in the way of a departure from other movie monster magazines published during this period. As mentioned before, the magazine has more of a "slick" appearance and the articles are presented in a straightforward manner, without much of the decorative page design that is seen in other monster 'zines.

This issue also has articles that come with by-lines. There is an interview with Boris Karloff conducted by "picture researcher" Robin Bean (who I suspect to be "Frank N. Stein", SHRIEK!'s editor) and an article on DEVILS OF DARKNESS by Lyn Fairhurst, the film's writer.

With an eclectic mix of other material, SHRIEK! indicated a potential to "legitimize" the monster magazine. Too bad in lasted for only 2 more issues.

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