Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Heritage Auctions of Dallas, Texas has reported that they have sold a coveted original painting by fantasy master Frank Frazetta at auction for nearly a half million dollars. When the gavel dropped on May 14th, Frazetta's "The Norseman", painted in 1972, sold at $454,100.

Frank Frazetta's influence on fantasy and commercial art is inestimable. Frazetta frequently entered into the realms of horror as evidenced by his work with Warren and his numerous, hugely popular covers. His last comic strip art is generally recognized to have appeared in CREEPY #1.

Here is the description of the lot:

"Frank Frazetta The Norseman Painting Original Art (1972). The early 1970s were a strong and prolific period for this master painter. Frazetta produced at least 11 paintings in 1972, and "The Norseman", with its stunning combination of vivid colors, is as mesmerizing as it is powerful. A muscular hero... armed only with a quarter staff while facing a spectral foe... this image has all of the danger and drama you would expect in a Frazetta barbarian masterpiece. It was a personal favorite of the artist. He was very pleased with the contrapposto stance of the main figure imbuing him with power, tension and vitality. Frazetta was always in search of ways to depict the human figure in action. Here, he felt he had triumphed.

He also enjoyed using vivid colors and hues that separated him from other artists. While we take his palette for granted, it was ground breaking and eye opening... influencing generations of artists. Norseman always held a place of honor in the Frazetta museum.

This iconic image was reproduced numerous times, but never permitted to be sold during his lifetime, and it has stayed in the hands of his estate till now. In 1973, it was used as the dust jacket cover for the hardback release of Flashing Swords #1, edited by Lin Carter. The image area measures a heroic scale 17.5" x 23.5" for this oil on canvas board beauty and it is handsomely open-front framed with an ornate wooden frame measuring 25" x 31".The piece is signed by Frazetta with his characteristic signature and dated in the lower left. Quite possibly the finest Frank Frazetta painting we have ever brought to market so don't let this one slip by you! In Excellent condition." 

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