Friday, February 12, 2016


He directed THE MUMMY and MAD LOVE. He lensed famous silent films, METROPOLIS and THE GOLEM, He was behind the camera in DRACULA, MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE, and mainstream films THE GOOD EARTH and KEY LARGO. He was both liked and disliked by the people that worked for and with him. He developed the three-camera film system for comedy films. He was one of the most innovative and influential persons in the development of motion pictures as we know them today. His name was Karl Freund (1890-1969).

Freund had many films to his credit when he was bestowed the Oscar for Best Cinematography for 1937s THE GOOD EARTH. Here, he is lauded by AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER for his cinematic achievements in the March 1938 issue. His excellent portrait is by veteran photographer, Roman Freulich.


Desdinova said...

He later worked for Desilu. He developed the use of three cameras to film sitcoms on I Love Lucy. Also created the news reel look for The Untouchables.

John said...

Thanks for the additional notes on Freund's fantastic film career.


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