Friday, August 21, 2015


Who would've thought that another movie would come along and bump Ed Wood's PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE as the "worst movie of all time"? Well, loyal viewers have found another film to both scorn and revere for the same reason -- MANOS, THE HANDS OF FATE, directed by a Texas fertilizer salesman and nearly lost at one point (to which many would say, "too bad").

The 1966 film's jazzy soundtrack has been preserved for your listening enjoyment from Ship to Shore PhonoCo. With liner notes by monster melody meister, sometimes MMW contributor, and all-around swell guy, Tim Ferrante, this is a vintage release you won't want to miss.

Here's the official 411:

Oft considered one of the worst movies ever made, the jazz-centric score for Hal Warren's 1966 horror "Master"-piece MANOS THE HANDS OF FATE is forthcoming from Brooklyn's own Ship to Shore Phono Co. The company sourced its audio from the 35mm soundtrack negative that was created for making theatrical release prints. The master tapes have never surfaced, thus leaving this 35mm neg as the closest one can get to the original recorded material.

The company is offering three vinyl variants that will total a press run of 2000 LPs. Expected release date is late September 2015. More info about MANOS and how to buy the different vinyl color editions is here:

Ship to Shore's soundtrack is timed to coincide with the Synapse Blu-ray DVD of the fully restored MANOS (release date: October 13, 2015). Its sourced from the original camera Ektachrome film. That's right, Hal Warren didn't use negative was shot using 16mm Ektachrome reversal stock! See:

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