Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Original image by John Severin measures 5" x 4".

I've often wondered whatever happened to the paste ups for the early monster magazines. I've never really come across any mention of original pages that were sent to the printer ever surviving over the years. Other than original pages of comic art that surface from time to time, a camera-ready page, complete with screen art and pasted up text seems to be a rarity.

Once in a while, we see the odd or end of a scrap of original art that was used on a page. Case in point, this example offered up for auction. It is a piece by John Severin that was used as the title for CRACKED magazine's Horror House line of monster merchandise.

Complete art measures 12" x 4"
 The image measures 5" x 4" and the overall piece is 12" x4". The artwork is rendered in ink on graphite on Craftint illustration board. The text is pasted up on the artwork. Another unusual example of relics from The Cracked Archives Vault that have been put up for auction.

Horror House ad from CRACKED n31, Sept. 1963

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