Sunday, November 23, 2014


The October 10, 1931 issue of MOTION PICTURE HERALD proclaimed that the 23-year-old Bette Davis had been "assigned" an important role in Universal's new picture, FRANKENSTEIN. The news was a bit odd since the picture had wrapped just 7 days before and Miss Davis would not be seen in the film. It was likely that Universal thought they had a potential mega-star on their hands and didn't want to take a chance with her in a film that might flop at the box office.

Instead, the role of Henry Frankenstein's fiance who was to become Mrs. Frankenstein in the sequel four years later went to Mae Clarke, Bette's next pictures were with RKO and Columbia, and FRANKENSTEIN was a huge box office success. Clarke's career after FRANKENSTEIN was marred by a nervous breakdown and marital problems. One wonders what direction Davis' career might have gone had she been cast in the role as the bride of Frankenstein.

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Doug Brown said...

When Bette Davis appeared at Universal for her screen test, her makeup was applied by Mr. Jack Pierce.


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