Thursday, August 14, 2014


Paramount Pictures celebrated its 20th "Birthday Jubilee" in 1931 with a glitzy publication that promoted -- what else? -- their upcoming films.

Monster fans are lucky that among those films being publicized was the soon-to-be-released Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Shown here is a full-page ad and portraits of the leading stars, Fredric March and Miriam Hopkins. If you look close, there is a thumbnail of Fay Wray as well.

Also included are images of Anna May Wong. Besides being seductively beautiful, Miss Wong was the first Asian-American star and one of the very few ethnic actors working regularly in Hollywood. Her father, a Chinese laundryman, objected greatly to his daughter being in front of the camera. He is quoted as saying, "Every time your picture is taken, you lose part of your soul".

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