Thursday, May 15, 2014


Uberbabe Scarlet Johansson is featured in the latest FANGO-fare. Here's the 411 on another issue chock-full o' monster goodness!
Scarlett Johansson plays an alien seductress preying on men in the new UNDER THE SKIN, but this is more a study of immersive dread than a flesh-and-blood-fest, leading us to go for a more ethereal up-front image heralding director Jonathan Glazer’s in-depth conversation about his one-of-a-kind film. Lots of other terrific spring films are covered as well: We’ve got interviews with directors Mike Flanagan on OCULUS, Gareth Evans on THE RAID 2: BERANDAL, Zack Parker on PROXY, Ben Wheatley on A FIELD IN ENGLAND and Adam Gierasch on FRACTURED, plus writer/director/stars Clif Prowse and Derek Lee on AFFLICTED; a preview of the witchy new TV series SALEM; Nancy Allen and Keith Gordon recalling their time starring in Brian De Palma’s DRESSED TO KILL; an essay on the controversial William Friedkin thriller CRUISING; and much more. Head down past the cover for the full details, and click here for more info!
INTERVIEW: NANCY ALLEN & KEITH GORDON They joined forces to track down a maniac who was “Dressed to Kill.”
FEATURE: “CRUISING” In the midst of the early-’80s slasher trend, William Friedkin made a very different kind of murder movie.
PREVIEW: “OCULUS” Gaze into the mirror at the center of Mike Flanagan’s creepfest, and you won’t like what looks back.
PREVIEW: “PROXY” Indie auteur Zack Parker explores many different kinds of psychological trauma. Plus: actress Kristina Klebe on her dangerous love.
PREVIEW: “AFFLICTED” See the world and scream in fear with Clif Prowse and Derek Lee’s travel-terror opus.
PREVIEW: “COUNTDOWN” Get the straight dope on the Thai shocker from its vivid villain, David Asavanond.
PREVIEW: “SALEM” Witch new horror TV show should you watch? Creator Adam Simon explains why it should be his.
MINIFEATURE: “FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: THE SERIES” Robert Rodriguez reveals how he’s bringing his Mayan vampires to the tube.
FEATURE: “BATES MOTEL” There are more shocking developments in the second season for fans to go psycho over.
PREVIEW: “UNDER THE SKIN” Scarlett Johansson as an alien seductress? Jonathan Glazer’s film isn’t quite what you’d expect.
ON SET: “PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS” Director Mark Hartley explains why and how he gave the Aussie classic another spin.
PREVIEW: “JINN” Letting ancient secrets out of the bottle, Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad tempts cinematic fate.
MINIFEATURE: “DEATH SPA” Gorgon Video resurrects for the Blu-ray age with an exercise in over-the-top bloodshed.
MINIFEATURE: “FRIGHT SHOW” The Fango-affiliated VHS anthology combined four frightful fan flicks.
PREVIEW: “FRACTURED” Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson’s shocker really gets into its characters’ heads.
PICTORIAL: ASHLYNN YENNIE Part of our Fango/ GOREZONE photo showcase for the sexy “Fractured” and “Human Centipede” star.
PREVIEW: “JOHNNY GHOST” A particular spirit of rock ’n’ roll haunts the heroine of Donna McRae’s film.
MINIFEATURE: “THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN” Clive Barker’s classic tale is on track for a stunning new showcase.
FEATURE: “A FIELD IN ENGLAND” British sensation Ben Wheatley presents a surreal history of violence.
PREVIEW: “THE RAID 2: BERANDAL” The story sprawls and bodies fall as Gareth Evans returns to the scene of the crime.
FIRST RITES  Why this is a “Skin” mag
POSTAL ZONE Fantastic Friedkin and an amazing “Spider!”
MONSTER INVASION Previews of “Smothered,” “The Hanover House,” “Fool’s Day” and “Clawing!”
MONSTER OF THE MONTH “Space Girl” from “Lifeforce”
THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS  Reviews of “Dead Kids,” “Odd Thomas,” “In Fear” and others
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Aaron Christensen’s “Hidden Horror” and Daniel Levine’s “Hyde”
DUMP BIN DIARIES Shout! Factory’s “All Night Horror Marathon Volume Two”

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