Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It is not unusual to see material from Jim Warren's magazines published in a foreign language. Take EDGAR POE for example. In 1981, the publisher Volksverlag printed a 96-page German-language collection (in France, no less) of Warren's Edgar Allen Poe stories from various issues of CREEPY magazine.

There is no mention of the source of these stories except for a "Warren Publishing" copyright notice. Curiously, some of the stories listed on the contents page are actually titled differently. Artists are credited, but not authors (David Horne's GATHERING HORROR lists Archie Goodwin and Rich Margopoulos). The collection, in various forms, found itself in print in several other European and South American countries such as Spain, Italy, Denmark and Brazil.

For those readers of MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD who can read German, I've included here the introduction.

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