Sunday, November 11, 2012


Well, I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Earlier last week, my primary computer -- an HP laptop -- decided to give up the ghost. I lifted the lid and the lights went on, but nobody was home. No activity on the hard drive light led me to the conclusion that it was toast.

In times like these it becomes immediately evident how much we rely on these things called computers. For instance, I can't tell you how many hours I have invested in the blog you are presently reading. Along with the countless hours mining the 'net for materials and resources, I'd have to say that a good portion of my waking state is spent on the modern-day version of Bierce's eponymous "Damned Thing". At least you can't accuse me of wasting my time with TV!

Some -- but not all -- was lost. I have a lot of my stuff backed up except for the very recent files. So, outside of the inconvenience (and quite a major one at that), I'm not entirely devasted. In fact, I've just in the last few days returned my (hopefully) trusty XP to service. This is the destop that I've used last 3 years for little else than a computer to receive page scans on. My HP multi-use printer along with Photoshop 5 (!) and Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 have been more than enough to create images that you have seen nearly daily here at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD. A few upgrades and a little nip and a tuck later, and I can get on with things, albeit in a slight slower and clunkier way.

Now, before you start asking if I'd like some cheese with my whine, I'll just close by saying -- for the time being, anyway -- MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD'S schedule will be a little modified until I get back to a full head of steam again. That said, you will probably see less posts here for a while. I will not complety abandon this project or you, faithful Monsteologists, but I will have to slow down the breakneck pace that I've been keeping of late because, frankly, it's just too difficult to set up things for daily posting.

Please bear with me. In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy what I can offer.


Stevev Iverson said...

I wouldn't write off the old drive. If there are things you want to save, take it to a repair shop. You might have to spend a bit, but it can be worth it. I've had my ass saved a couple times that machines have crashed. I do recommend at least backing up some of your material.


John said...

Thanks for the advice, Steve. Despite my strong desire to throw the blasted machine off the deck into the backyard, I resisted, knowing full well that technology can taketh away and giveth back ... albeit for a price!


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