Thursday, November 8, 2012


Those who partake of the devil's weed might be interested to know that you can have your monsters and smoke 'em, too. Fellow Monsterologist Tim Ferrante informed MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD of an annual Halloween festivity aimed specifically at the cigar smoking crowd.

Boutique cigar maker Tatuaje has, for the past 5 years, offered a monster-themed cigar release. The exclusive, very limited run is usually sold out immediately on delivery to select retailers. The cigars, ranging in ring size and blend from year to year are sold in boxes of ten for $130, making each stick a premium-priced $13 apiece. The packaging comes in both a 13-count sarcophagus ($169) shown above, and the regular 10-count cedar box.

This year's batch is being sold as "The Mummy". Inspired by Boris Karloff's Imhotep (and coincidentally or not, just in time for the 80th Anniversary of the classic Universal horror film), the 47 x 7.75 ring stogie is made up of a Nicaraguan filler, binder, and Criollo wrapper. The flavor is described from the folks at the "Nice Ash" blog like this: "The first third of this cigar starts with spicy cedar, black pepper, leather, dark chocolate and cinammon flavors that transition to include cream and heavy espresso, and finally nut and fruit." There is no mention of any Tana leaf used in the blend.

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