Saturday, September 17, 2011


Readers were first horrified by THE HEAP. Then came the sinister saga of THE SWAMP THING -- first to comics, then to the big screen. Then arrived the mutated monstrosity called THE MAN-THING (who had one of my favorite titles of all time, GIANT-SIZE MAN-THING), and who also first appeared in the comics, then slimed out into video obscurity.

Now comes -- hold on to your tentacles -- straight to video . . . MUCKMAN! According to distributor Chemical Burn Entertainment, Brett (DRAINIAC) Piper and Mark (SPLATTER BEACH) Polonia’s old school swamp monster movie MUCKMAN is finally going to be released on DVD on September 20th, 2011. Besides the movie itself, the disc will also contain several special features, such as an audio commentary, a behind-the-scenes featurette, a photo gallery and a trailer show.

Here's the synopsis:

"Originally shot in 2009, MUCKMAN is a charming homage to the drive-in classics of yesteryear (hey, this blurb's straight from the press realease, guys!). The film, which was just shown at Germany’s renowned Weekend Of Horror festival a month or so ago, tells the story of a sensation-seeking TV crew that hunts down a fabled swamp thing-like creature, the so-called Muckman, in the musty mires of Pennsylvania. Featuring a talented ensemble cast including the lovely scream queens Anju (SHOCK-O-RAMA) McIntyre, Alison (BACTERIUM) Whitney and Danielle (HALLOWEEN NIGHT) Donahue, MUCKMAN is jam packed with all the ingredients of a highly en-tertaining retro-fright fest—gruesome rubber suit monsters, wicked stop motion critters, accomplished practical effects, likable characters, tongue-in-the-cheek humor and, of course, a slimy, tentacle-draped fiend from beyond the surface!"

Golly! With a man in a rubber suit called MUCKMAN, and a trio of scream queens, most notably über Mädchen Anju McIntyre, whom you saw as MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD'S advertised damsel in distress earlier this week (Video bottom feeders may also remember her better with another body and calling herself "A.J. Khan"), how can any true monster movie afficionado turn this down?



MUCKMAN Production Stills

Director Brett Piper and Cast Members

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