Thursday, September 22, 2011


What do Bram Stoker's most famous creation, a well-known Giallo film director, and an ex-Blade Runner turned Hobo With a Shotgun have in common? Dario Argento will be directing Rutger Hauer as Dr. Van Helsing in a movie entitled DRACULA 3D, that's what! The news clip above from TOTAL FILM magazine, October 2011, explains more.

Oh, and unless you've figured out a way to enlarge pictures after clicking on a blog image that end up, FaceBook style in a new window, you'll have to either enlarge your brower magnification or download the image and enlarge it with your image browser to read the text. I discovered this Blogger "improvement" after reviewing my last DEADTIME STORIES features before posting them. This time I managed to be able to set up the image so that you don't need to click on it to read it, but I won't be so lucky every time.

I'm losing my patience with Blogger noodling around trying to "make things better". Take the new Dashboard interface -- no, I mean it. Go ahead, take it, 'cause I don't need it. Mine's working just fine, thank you very much. If they really wanted to impress me, they'd focus their attention and make a more serviceable, WYSIWYG composing tool -- and, throw in an easy Design element for embedding sound into a blog. Oh well, that's all I'll say for the moment. I'll just continue to suffer in silence . . .

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