Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In the last MONSTER MAIL ORDER POST post we saw how publisher James Warren didn't waste any time jumping on the Wolf-Man's Wagon of opportunity to cash in on the burgeoning monster craze. Kids, and yes, even adults, were crazy for creatures, rabid for anything and everything monster. And, like all great pop-culture phenomena, monsters were quite easy to incorporate successfully into all sorts of products.

In issue #3 of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND, the product line first sold under the name, MONSTER MAIL ORDER, expanded from two to four pages. In addition, another company name was used in addition to the the original MONSTER MAIL ORDER name, this time called GENERAL PROMOTIONS CO. Now you could not only get the rubber masks and bats, but you coult purchase stationary to write to your favorite monster magazine! Note the "Hollywood Werewolf" autographed picture for sale. This was the image that was shown on the front cover of FAMOUS MONSTERS #2 (anybody have one of these?). Everything was shipped out of Philadelphia, the headquarters of Warren Publishing.

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