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Birthday salutations are in order for HOWARD PHILLIPS LOVECRAFT, the legendary "Rhode Island Recluse" who suffused the American literary tradition with what is arguably the best horror and science fiction of modern times. Within his concept of "cosmic horror", Lovecraft produced some of the most inventive and original ideas in fantastic literature. In a letter to Farnswroth Wright, then editor of the famous WEIRD TALES magazine, he elaborated: "Now all my tales are based on the fundamental premise that common human laws and interests and emotions have no validity or significance in the must forget that such things as organic life, good and evil, love and hate, and all such local attributes of a negligible and temporary race called mankind, have any existence at all."

It is Lovecraft who has given us such unsavory characters as Cthulhu, Nyarlothotep, Yog-Sothoth and Azathoth. He is also the creator of the dread NECRONOMICON, a book of eldritch magic by the Mad Arab Abdul-Alhazred. It is plain to see that Lovecraft's legacy is firmly planted in the canon of fantastic literature.

Following is a monster magazine tribute to H.P. Lovecraft from RUE MORGUE #50. You will see just how far Lovecraft's ideas and characters have permeated into world of literature, films, and pop culture.


CthulhuWho1 said...

Great 120th Birthday Presents to/from H. P. Lovecraft!

Happy 120th. Birthday H.P.L.!

Freebies released in celebration of H. P. Lovecraft's 120th. birthday on 20-August-2010, and to stir up excitement for the possible making of the Universal Studios 3D version of "At the Mountains of Madness" by Guillermo del Toro and James Cameron; and as a celebration by Will Hart of the 20th. anniversary of his being at Lovecraft's grave-side on his 100th. birthday.

Released during the last few hours in MP3 Format on:
(The audio companion to the CthulhuWho1 Flickr collections.)

"Fungi from Yuggoth"
H. P. Lovecraft's complete 36 sonnet set; in an all-new recording by William (Will) Hart; in single file, and multiple file versions. A dark poetry reading if there ever was one...

"What If H. P. Lovecraft Had Lived Into The 1960's?"
A 163 minute panel recording in six parts, of Professor Dirk W. Mosig, Professor Donald R. Burleson, J. Vernon Shea, Fritz Leiber, Jr., and S.T. Joshi at the 36th World Science Fiction Convention in Phoenix in 1978. A must-have for Lovecraftians!

Plus, behind the scenes recordings including a live reading by Don Burleson of his darkly funny, "The Last Supper."

And more audio goodies too!

And there are now over 1200 Lovecraft, Cthulhu, and Providence related images for the taking at the CthulhuWho1 Flickr page at:
(The image companion site to the audio site.)

All of the above items (and more to come) were created in honor of H. P. Lovecraft; but since he’s not here with us, it’s up to you, and everyone you can share them with to enjoy them!

Will Hart
aka CthulhuWho1
aka California Cthulhu

Blog for Light is the New Dark - Studio said...

Love that a version of the Oct '79 Heavy Metal cover art by J.K. Potter was used as the web icon to celebrate!


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